Re: Looking for Completely Functional Dual-Band 20/(17/15/10/6) Meter QRP Rig with SSB/PSK #bitx20help


They are not bad 1st radios for HT's. You can find a good kenwood or icom for under 200$ on The Kenwood TH-F6A is a great radio used they are about 180-200$ the general coverage RX is great to have.

One thing I would suggest is be careful with "magic" antenna's if its to good to be true it normally is. I once bought a par-end fed good for 10-40 with no was the biggest waste of 75$ I have ever spent swr on 40m was well over 4:1. Building a antenna like the trapped 40/20 from is a much better option for small low weight Ant.


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