Re: No Power Out on UBITX


I originally used my D104 mic and the capacitor to block the dc and
I got the same results that you did. I removed the mic element and
used the mic that came with the rig and removed the capacitor
and my power went up to 7 watts. I get excellent audio reports

On 2/23/2018 8:34 PM, Walter wrote:
I turned it on for the first time.  Checked the current draw, which was easy with my Lab power supply with meters.  All looked good.

Hit the ptt on the mic, Display shows TX and I get 200ma increase on PA bus with not modulation.  Looks good.

Talk into the mic no Power out on watt meter.  I'm using a watt meter and dummy load on antenna.  Not Good.  Maybe Mic is not wired correctly.  I am using a Kenwood MC-42S Dynamic Mic.  I put a Cap in the mic line (violet) to protect form the power supplied to an electoret Mic.  Does anyone know if the mic element in a Kenwood MC-42S requires power?  The 8 Pin connector has 8vdc on the Kenwood pin out but I don't think that is for the Mic element, as I thought a dynamic mic did not need power.  I did mount an 8 pin mic connector on the front panel of my UBITX and wired it according to the Kenwood Pin Out.  Which I have verified multiple time.  I may be that isolation cap.  What do you think?

Hit the Keyer I get about 1/2 watt out on watt meter.  I think that should be much more than 1/2 watt.  Same on 80m, 70m and 20m.

Advice and help would be greatly appreciated.

73, W9KJO

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