Re: uBITX AGC - Adafruit TPA2016, A Success! #ubitx

Mike Doty

Thanks for taking the time to reply and posting the library files, Nik.  I certainly appreciate it.  I have replaced the files in my TPA2016 library with your modified files and recompiled my sketch.  The results are still the same - almost no audio.  As I said in my last post, connecting the TPA2016 module as a basic amplifier, with no firmware control, the audio is very low.  There is no background noise and only signals at S9 or better can be heard.  The same module installed in a BiTX40ver3 as a basic amp to replace the LM386 works well.  To me the issue appears to be low drive in to the TPA2016.  I'll keep digging and I'd definitely like to see more detail in regards to your implementation. 

Thanks again -- Mike

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