Re: rv2- messed up setting and txing like mad!!!


On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 07:43 pm, Raj vu2zap wrote:

You had zero'd the RV1. Please bring it back to center and leave it there and forget it exists.
Check on a loud hallow with RV1 centered. If RV1 is fully clockwise then your output will be zero
due to no drive from RV1.


At 22/02/2018, you wrote:
Hi Jerry.
No effect on amps moving RV1.
100ma each on adjustment of RV1&2 whilst pressing PTT on mic
PA,Brown, supply 200 ma on PTT
12v,red, rail 250 in receive 550ma tx

A loud hallllow produces no change in current. Dont have swr so no idea of output to load.

But receive working and things are a beginning to click.



 Gentlemen. You are wonderful!
Ubitx is alive. Low amps on PTT was mis wired Baofeng Mic.

Followed another thread and croc clipped the cw connector and grounded it for dit. Got 1.53A!!!

Still to try on Phone.

I have had a very good lesson. But more importantly I have learned a lot about the ubitx.

I cannot thank you ALL enough.

Thank you and 73's


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