Re: Using external amp with µBitx



The only thing I can think of is that after disconnecting the ORANGE wire, you are taking output from the top of the volume control.
The audio signal is coming from the ORANGE wire. So from the volume control you will not hear anything!

You could leave the ORANGE wire alone and disconnect the YELLOW wire from the pot and take output from the center of the
volume control and that volume control will work for your external amp.


At 22/02/2018, you wrote:
I have run into an issue with taking the pre-amp audio signal from Q70 and using it with an external amplifier. When I remove VOL-H (Orange wire) from the top of the volume pot and run to another amplifier, I get nothing. I have a scratch-built Bitx v3 that I have used the low-level output to run an LM-380 with no issues, so I know it's not a level mis-match. I don't understand why the TDA2822 can "hear" the audio but nothing else I have can. Has anyone else modded their audio section?

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