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Disgusting Scrooges and Grinches
Most authorities these days would make you pay to breathe.

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So I’m a big proponent of getting younger people involved in ham radio and to that end, I support the YOTA (youth on the air) initiative.  To that end I like donating time and radios to that cause, and what better first radio for a young ham than a nice new uBITx.  So in December, I ordered five uBITx transceivers to give away to young people on the island of St. Lucia (J6) where I have a retirement villa and nice radio station.  I work with another Ham on the island to bring in equipment that is difficult for hams to get there.  Well this week those five uBITx radios arrived and were stuck in customs until my friend there retrieved them.  The issue was, though, even though these radios were gifts for kids for learning… the St. Lucian government charged my friend $551 US Dollars today as import tax on those “FREE” radios.  Incredible.  I’ll have to make this right with him, but it’s getting harder and harder in today’s world to help people that need it.



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