Re: KD8CEC V1.02 CW Frequency TX Adjust on LCD #ubitx

Ian Lee


Thanks for your suggestion.
Your code work perfectly.

I have been able to set the CW frequency more easily since applying your code.

I added your code to CEC Firmware.
In CW Mode, fixed code is applied by default.
uBITX Manager was used to enable the previous frequency display method.

The modified source can be found at


//Load Configuration =======================================

  //Adjust CW Mode Freq
  shiftDisplayAdjustVal = (isShiftDisplayCWFreq & 0x3F) * 10;

  //check Minus
  if ((isShiftDisplayCWFreq & 0x40) == 0x40)
    shiftDisplayAdjustVal = shiftDisplayAdjustVal * -1;

 //Shift Display Check (Default : 0)
  if ((isShiftDisplayCWFreq & 0x80) == 0)  //Enabled
    isShiftDisplayCWFreq = 1;
  else    //Disabled
    isShiftDisplayCWFreq = 0;

//Applied Your code
    if (vfoActive == VFO_A) // VFO A is active
      strcat(c, "A:");
      strcat(c, "B:");

  //Fixed by Mitani Massaru (JE4SMQ)
  if (isShiftDisplayCWFreq == 1)
    if (cwMode == 1)        //CWL
        tmpFreq = tmpFreq - sideTone + shiftDisplayAdjustVal;
    else if (cwMode == 2)   //CWU
        tmpFreq = tmpFreq + sideTone + shiftDisplayAdjustVal;

2018-02-21 0:59 GMT+09:00 Mitani Masaru <mitani.masaru@...>:

ubitx KD8CEC Firmware (and others) Transmits on CW, LCD Frequency shifts Sidetone Frequency.
It fix patch for V1.02.

On ubitx_ui
 Set mode name(CWL/CWU) after Frequency plus(USB) or minus(LSB) to sidetone frequency.
100Hz shift needs  critical tune for my ubitx.
This modify goes  just LCD  Frequency Transmits on CW Oparation.
SSB mode is no change Frequency shift.

JE4SMQ masa

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

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