Re: More pins for the Raduino! An RF gain control for the uBITX!

Thomas Sharka

Yep, but just for fun try nine 470 ohm resistors and one 1.2 K ohm resistors in parallel. All should be 1 watt or better.

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On Wednesday, February 21, 2018 8:31 PM, VE7WQ <v@...> wrote:

Thank you Thomas,

just to be sure, 
using 5 pieces a 250 Ohm 2W composite resistors in parallell,
will make a 50 Ohm 10W dummy load. Right?

73! George

Wednesday, February 21, 2018, you wrote:
TSvGI> Use a multiple of 50 with and additive amount of watts. Put them in
TSvGI> parallel and you'll have 50 ohms at 10 watts.
TSvGI> Example: 5 times 50 = 250 ohms each, 5 times 2 watts each equals 10
TSvGI> watts.Example: 20 times 50 = 1000 ohms, 20 times 1/2 watt each equals 10 watts.
TSvGI> Kirchoff's Law is your friend. Also don't use wire wound resistors. They're inductive. 

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