Re: rv2- messed up setting and txing like mad!!!

Jerry Gaffke

Doesn't matter if psu connects to ammeter black or red,
will likely read with a minus sign if you put the black ammeter probe on the PSU.

I suggest you measure PA current separately, since I think you already have a handle on the main board supply current..
Should see 0 amps with both RV2 and RV3 fully clockwise (minimum) with ptt pressed.
Then you slowly slowly turn RV2 up for 100ma, and then RV3 up for an additional 100ma.

On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 02:12 pm, <mm0wxt@...> wrote:
Should I be measuring pa current or both? E.g. both wires from psu to black probe and 2 wires running of red probe to each input?

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