Re: Raduino Replacemnt, COMING SOON!

Nick VK4PP

OK Group.
Here is how it is looking: I have placed the order!
20 x RadionoI2C boards,
300 x HPF boards
300 x LPF boards
60 x Audio breakout boards.

I will build and test 2 boards: 1 for my own use (customised ect). and 1 built as a direct replacement.
Remainder of the boards will be put on ebay.
Preliminary prices in AUD:
Raduino $5
HPF $0.50
HPF $0.50
Audio breakout $1
Postage, DL Envelope:  Int $3.5, VK $1.50

Prices are higher than I had hoped, but thats due to DHL shipping from supplier.

I will do another much bigger(cheaper) run of boards once we are happy that there are no errors...

7, Nik

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