Re: My uBitx shipped today

Gary Shriver

Hey Thanx Tom!


Pretty amazing that it gets here so quickly.  On this end the wait continues..  ordered on 1/13 so my uBitx is still at least a few weeks away.  Nice to see all the activity of people’s radios getting shipped.  Pretty much daily. 


Have fun!   We ought to set up a schd on 80 meters when you get it going.  Beaverton is about perfect for late afternoon / early evening between you and me here in central California.   I hear you Oregon boys every night.




From: [] On Behalf Of Tom Christian
Sent: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 1:23 PM
Subject: Re: [BITX20] My uBitx shipped today


Hi, Gary (Shriver)! 
You were curious about DHL shipping.  I just got my ubitx this afternoon. 

I ordered it 12/23 and it shipped day before yesterday.  Here's the path it took (from bottom to top):

Wednesday, February 21, 2018         Location         Time

19     Delivered - Signed for by     BEAVERTON                 12:59 PM    
18     With delivery courier     PORTLAND, OR - USA         10:55 AM    
17     Arrived at Delivery Facility in PORTLAND - USA         9:32 AM    
16     Departed Facility in SEATTLE - USA                           8:21 AM    
15     Transferred through SEATTLE - USA                          8:19 AM    
14     Arrived at Sort Facility SEATTLE - USA                      7:21 AM    
13     Departed Facility in CINCINNATI HUB - USA                5:15 AM    
12     Clearance processing complete at CINCINNATI HUB - USA    3:16 AM    
11     Processed at CINCINNATI HUB - USA                          3:16 AM    
10     Arrived at Sort Facility CINCINNATI HUB - USA           12:20 AM    

Tuesday, February 20, 2018     Location             Time
9     Customs status updated     CINCINNATI HUB, OH - USA     7:44 PM    
8     Departed Facility in LEIPZIG - GERMANY                           7:52 PM    
7     Transferred through LEIPZIG - GERMANY                      7:50 PM    
6     Departed Facility in BANGALORE - INDIA                       12:40 PM    
5     Processed at BANGALORE - INDIA                                 11:50 AM    
4     Arrived at Sort Facility BANGALORE - INDIA                   10:20 AM    
3     Departed Facility in HYDERABAD                                   2:16 AM    
2     Processed at HYDERABAD - INDIA                                 1:15 AM    

Monday, February 19, 2018     Location             Time
1     Shipment picked up     HYDERABAD - INDIA                   4:38 PM    

Pretty fast!  Now the fun begins!.......:)

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