DDS/VFO output #bitx40

Gavin Jacobs

I'm working on a Bitx40, that was initially purchased without the Raduino; but now I have a Raduino and I need to verify that the DDS is correctly driving the mixer. On the Bitx40V3 schematic, I removed L4, C95, C93, C91, and C92. I connected the Raduino CLK output to connector DDS1. I was messing around in that area a bit, and I suspect I've messed up something, so I would like to ask if someone can post a waveform from the collector of Q7. What I'm seeing is at the right frequency, but it only has an amplitude of 2Vpk-pk and a DC offset of +10V. I expected to see a wider swing. Any scope shots or description appreciated.


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