Re: rv2- messed up setting and txing like mad!!!


ok wonderful is what I have done.

1. I hooked up the raduino to pc and checked volts, all good.
2. Disconnected  pa power turned rv1,2,3 all fully clockwise (towards metal dot on pot?), cut of cw mic connector snd bridged green and blue with 4.7k resistor.

Zero volts on KT1 pad and 250ma draw on receive. No raduino going mad. So as sugested PA POWER.
3. Setup ammeter to measure current. Hoked up pa. Current 170, smoke coming i think from first 
Irf510. It was hot, rightside irf520 cold. Rig only on 2-3 secs.

Desoldered irf 520, replaced with new.

Still to switch on......eeeek!

All my pots are turned fully rightwards (clockwise)

Todo:hookup ammeter and power with thicker jumpers(melty on switchon!),

May God bless all who sail in Her....:-)



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