Re: Variable power control


If you could draw this up that would be great.  I am no EE just a layman enjoying the hobby. 

From what I can tell Zeners are in the mAmp range and I thought I was told in an earlier post that I needed in the 3 to 5 amp range.  Perhaps you can tell me how this works out?  I'm sure there is a way.

I have a boost power supply I can put on my 13.8 VDC supply to boost this voltage up to 24 VDC or perhaps a little less to give me the maximum allowable voltage for the PA line (Again an earlier post by another with great advice).  I have ordered a 6 position rotary switch to mount on my front panel.  it is actually 2 pole rather than one so I thought I would use the other set of poles for LED's to show what power setting I am on, not necessary but LED's are always a fun add :)

You help will be greatly appreciated and a drawing would help me greatly.

Thanks and 73 W9KJO

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