Re: Erratic Tuning bitx40!

Jerry Gaffke

The voltage from the wiper pin (middle) of the tuning pot is read by an analog pin on the Nano
to determine tuning.  Measure the voltage from that pin to ground using a DVM, it should vary
smoothly from 0 volts with the pot fully counterclockwise to 5 volts when fully clockwise.

There is no "reset" that might cause this. 
If it worked before, then perhaps the wires from the pot got shorted or something.
The "something" means I have absolutely no idea, perhaps elves updated the firmware while you were sleeping?


On Wed, Feb 21, 2018 at 05:07 am, <M0clscarl@...> wrote:
Hi, my bitx40 has decided to start tuning erraticly! It will tune itself in 10khz steps to the very top of the band or the bottom. And if it’s not doing that then it is jumping and tuning all over the place! One thing I have also noticed is that when first turning the radio on, the Radino with version number displays, it never used to? So I’m wondering if something has reset? Any ideas please? 

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