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Michael Hagen

Tayda has the best prices and stock.  Look under connectors, wafers, 2.54MM (0.1").

Find the 2 parts you want and buy pins.  So 3 items per size (Pins).  Watch out, there a 90 Degree headers.

Pins are 3 Cents.  I really like Tayda for connectors, I have bought over $300 of them!

Sometimes you get a cream color, I like the white, but you get what you get!

Mike, WA6ISP

On 2/20/2018 9:57 PM, Raj vu2zap wrote:
See if you can order it from VU ebay or amazon..

At 21/02/2018, you wrote:

I looked at the connectors at Tayda.  It looked like you only get one side of it, the side
with the pins already installed.  What is the part number or numbers that get both halves?



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