Re: rv2- messed up setting and txing like mad!!!


As I remember my uBitx with everything wired correctly and 4.7K omitted the board
would go didahdiah indefinitely.

One board came with a defective USB socket which I fixed. After a 10 days stint at
my farm and back the board was refusing to program but running fine with my old
experimental sketch. A reset completely bricked it. I desoldered the Nano from the
nano side and cleaned the (raduino) pins well. I then plugged in a new nano but did not solder
it as it a tight fit. Uploaded the sketch into it and glad to say all is well with it now.

The spare nano I used was without pins soldered. Something like this:


At 20/02/2018, you wrote:
Hi Raj and thank you! It was all ok on receive up until today. Once the raduino is plugged into ubitx it goes haywire and just goes on and of so can't even get as far as receive.

It seems tied in more with the broken 4.7k

Can you buy spare raduinos? or how do I go about fixing a fault relating to 4.7k malfunction?

Thank you


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