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Paul Schumacher


I looked at the connectors at Tayda.  It looked like you only get one side of it, the side
with the pins already installed.  What is the part number or numbers that get both halves?



From: Michael Hagen <motdog@...>
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Yes, BUT Pins are 3 Cents, 4 at Mouser.  $.07 for the connector, $.28 for pins!
Tayda is the Place for Connectors!
Mike, WA6ISP

On 2/20/2018 8:12 AM, Mike Yancey wrote:
I keep a (nearly) full set of those - buy them on Tayda and you'll laugh at your shopping cart on checkout: 475 pieces... Total cost, probably $11.
They're really useful, though - I use them on proto-board projects all the time. Just really easy to keep power wired polarized, connect & disconnect quickly,
clean & tidy.

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