Re: uBITIX Shipped

Vince Vielhaber

DHL handles their own customs processing. They don't have to wait for the US Customs to approve it. I've ordered things from China and had them at my door in 2 days. The two B40s I ordered took a sightseeing tour of Germany on the way here and still got here in 2-4 days. The length of time depends a lot on what day it was shipped and if there's a weekend involved. eg. shipped on Thursday, look for it next week.


On 02/20/2018 07:25 AM, Rick Price wrote:
uBITX ordered on 12-25-2017, received PayPal notice of item being
shipped 2/20/2018, with DHL tracking number to US. Expected delivery on
Thursday 2-22, but with customs it probably won't be until Saturday or

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