Re: rv2- messed up setting and txing like mad!!!

M Garza <mgarza896@...>

Hi Alan,
I am not sure if you have read through all of the wire up instructions, but there is a 4.7k resistor that must be installed before power is applied or the radio will start transmitting immediately.
Why we're you adjusting those resistors while checking voltage on the IRF510s?  The correct way to adjust them is described in the wire up instructions.  You need to be measuring current to the MOSFETS and not the voltage.

Please completely read the entire wire up instructions before rushing through.  I know it is new and exciting but you will frustrate yourself if you dont.

Look at the photos, they will help.  Here is the link:

Hope this helps.

Marco - KG5PRT 

On Feb 20, 2018 6:01 AM, <mm0wxt@...> wrote:
I was adjusting rv2 and rv3 , tried to measure voltage on gate pin then ubitx relay starts clicking and irf txing.

How do i safely measure gate voltage on board? Used multimeter probe on gate and common on earth of supply.

Think ive goosed it!


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