Surplus Case from Skycraft Parts #ubitx #bitx40


Last Saturday went to the Orlando, Fl Hamfest looking for a uBitx case.  Despite all the tailgaters/vendors none seem to have suitable cases. (Did snag an almost new Experimental Methods in RF Design book for $10, so not a total waste of time.)

My buddy and I decided to head over to Skycraft Parts & Surplus in the afternoon. While he made the rounds for parts for his next project, I headed for the surplus cases.  There on the top shelf were 5 aluminum cases. Pulled one down and said WOW, it is perfect for the BitX. They were made for transportation IP based video systems. The size is 8.2 X 8 X 3.5 inches and has separate panels for top, bottom, front and rear. As you can see from the pictures attached, the LCD hole is already cut as well as holes for a fan, BNC, and switch. Even included a circuit board with LCD, fan, BNC, etc.  Price $9.95.

If you are in the central Florida area (they will mail order) and are in need of an outstanding aluminum case for your uBitx or Bitx40/20 may want to check it out. Suspect they won't be on the shelf too long.

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