Extron case

Vince Vielhaber

A couple of weeks ago someone mentioned using Extron equipment for cases. I found one that was big enough for a Bitx and would be a good fit. The B40 will fit quite comfortably in it (after moving the power supply), but I think the only way the uB will fit is if the raduino is detached. Not sure on that one, my uB isn't here yet. I have a few of the blue I2C 16x2 displays around here and can say without a doubt that they'll fit the front panel. I also have some SPI 2.8" touch screens, but there's no chance they'll fit!

As you can see in the attached pics, it has plenty of BNCs for other projects and a power supply. Dunno the current of the supply yet, but being 12 and 5v, the 7805 on the raduino can be eliminated (provided, of course, the supply puts out over an amp).

I was originally looking at the same model case for $9.00 and $9.85 shipping but somehow managed to miss the end of the auction. This one was a buy it now for $14 shipped, better deal yet!

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