Re: Mailbox metal case 3x6x9 inch #ubitx

Xcott Craver

Here's the final version with ventilation.   To remove and reverse the bottom panel I drilled out the punches with a 7/32 bit, and then enlarged the outer holes with a 1/4 bit, so 1/4" screws hold the case together.   Inside I isolated and slightly raised the heat sinks, and because of the distance to the back I replaced the antenna lead with a bit of RG174.  I'm guessing that wasn't really necessary, but why not.

I'm also digging the fact that as a steel case I can use printable magnet sheets as decals.   One of my last projects was writing a program to create rectangular azimuthal maps, which convey the same information as regular great circle maps but with more detail in a more compact and practical shape---handy at QSL card sizes (email me if you want one for your QTH, I can send you a pdf.)  I printed one for Binghamton on a magnet sheet, and it makes a tidy addition to the case.

And here it is working FT8 on the roof of the Engineering building:

Xcott K2CAJ

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