New, incremental release W0EB/W2CTX non-I2C software V2.01R #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

The CW Keyer module has been completely re-written in this version.  The keyer is now totally interrupt driven which helps make the transition to CW transmit much faster and it doesn't tend to clip the first dot as it did occasionally in past versions.  This version also moved the DASH paddle input from the analog A7 input.  It now shares the analog A3 input with the PTT line as normally PTT isn't used in CW mode and the Hand Key isn't used in CW Paddle mode or the Paddles aren't used in CW Hand Key mode so all three can share the same input easily.  This gives A7 back to those wishing to use it for metering applications.  Complete, illustrated documentation on everything in this release is contained in the zip file as a PDF.  Menu operation has been slightly improved from V2.00R as well.

We hope you enjoy using this version.
Jim - W0EB and Ron - W2CTX

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