Advice on selling Bitx40 on EBay

Bob Dritz <LANSWITCH@...>

I have an unbuilt Bitx40 and many accessories that I no longer have the time to build and am looking for advice about setting a price on EBay. 
It is one of the early versions, Serial Number 156, that came without a Raduino, which I purchased later and would be included. 
I also purchased a 10:1 potentiometer with a companion turns counter, a Buck Booster to boost the voltage for the final stage, a QRPguys Digital Dial Frequency Counter and two PLJ-6LED Frequency Displays (one in Red and one in Blue. Finally there is a nice square gold tone aluminum cookie tin measuring 6x6x2 3/4. 
Altogether I spend over $100 for all these items. My question is, if I ask $100 for all one EBay, is that too much or too little?
Any advice would be most appreciated. 

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