Re: uBitx LCD Viewing Angle and Replacement Hints Needed

MVS Sarma

A little change of contrast potentometer ( JUST 5 DEGREES ON  EITHER SIDE OF PRESENT ) would also help orientation.
 Please on't turn too much.

MVS Sarma

On Thu, Feb 15, 2018 at 8:39 AM, Mike Lichtman via Groups.Io <tchrme@...> wrote:
Good evening. I have my uBitx mounted in a cabinet that working well with 12w on 75m and 9 on 40m. The only problem is
I went to put it on a shelf on my operating desk and the viewing angle made the display unreadable. While not 
a new to electronics, I am new to playing with digital and lcd displays. Can anyone recommend a plug and play blue/white or black/white display
without the viewing angle concerns that is as close to the current opening size as possible? 73 Mike KF6KXG

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