Re: Ubitx delivery suggestion

Vince Vielhaber

If anyone's worried about future deliveries, when the DHL guy or gal gets to your house, ask them for a signature release. DHL will keep it on file so you don't need to worry about it. I have them on file with both DHL and FedEx.


On 02/13/2018 11:17 AM, Art Howard wrote:
I called DHL and they told me to leave a note on the door with my
shipping number and my signature.
As it turned out I was home when it was delivered by a courier and no
signature was required anyhow so go figure.

On 12 Feb 2018 5:56 pm, "Bill Robbins" <wa8cdu@...
<mailto:wa8cdu@...>> wrote:

I will be gone for an extended time when my DHL ubitx arrives. If a
signature is required does anyone have a suggestion to get my hands
on it. Neighbors are too remote.


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