Re: uBitX - problem with power draw and failed chip

Michael Aiello

My supply voltage was 13.8, is that too high? That is nominal 12v supply.

I will check the chip 
orientation before replacing the 


On Feb 13, 2018 8:07 AM, "Raj vu2zap" <rajendrakumargg@...> wrote:

That may happen if power supply voltage was too high.

The chip may have been soldered wrongly - please check.

2822 is a very tough chip, I have melted a breadboard but the chip survived.


At 13-02-2018, you wrote:
>I just received my uBitX and started wiring it up per the instructions. I wired up the power connector with the diode installed, and measured the draw from the main board, and it was high: 140 ma. Then there was a loud crack - it appears the TDA2822 chip cracked.
>After the chip failed, the board is drawing a steady 82ma.
>I have found a local source for the TDA2822M and have ordered a few parts. I will replace the chip, but here is my question:Â
>what else should I be checking on the board?
>Is there a list of test points and volages to check? I'm just concerned that the chip failure was caused by some other issue on the board.
>The only other out of the ordinary thing I noticed was that the bolts holding the heat sinks on the finals were loose. I tightened them before starting the assembly.
>Thanks for any help or suggestions
>73, Mike N2HTT

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