uBitX - problem with power draw and failed chip

Michael Aiello


I just received my uBitX and started wiring it up per the instructions. I wired up the power connector with the diode installed, and measured the draw from the main board, and it was high: 140 ma. Then there was a loud crack - it appears the TDA2822 chip cracked.
After the chip failed, the board is drawing a steady 82ma.

I have found a local source for the TDA2822M and have ordered a few parts. I will replace the chip, but here is my question: 
what else should I be checking on the board?
Is there a list of test points and volages to check? I'm just concerned that the chip failure was caused by some other issue on the board.

The only other out of the ordinary thing I noticed was that the bolts holding the heat sinks on the finals were loose. I tightened them before starting the assembly.

Thanks for any help or suggestions

73, Mike N2HTT

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