Re: wrong frequency after software change. #ubitx

Mike Woods


I suspect I may have slightly misread your email post. 

You have a uBITx not a BITx40?

Is your Raduino 400kHz off frequency (or did you mean 400Hz)?   It does sound like it could be a similar problem to Yvon's if it is 400kHz off frequency and the LSB/USB are backwards! i.e. the EEPROM has become scrambled.  However, reinstalling the stock firmware should fix that.  If it doesn't the EEPROM may in fact be damaged in the Nano. It is possible there is something really wonky with your replacement Raduino: either the Nano chip (most likely) or the SI5351a chip.


On 13/02/18 6:27 AM, Michael Shreeve wrote:
Another strange twist which may be related. I changed a BITX40 rad to uBITX Raduino. Hardware change, you remove the 5 pin plug and put a header in its place. I really looked hard for any other differences in Hardware. Saw none. So, I programed with original software. Crazy, but LSB is USB on 80 and 40 (up to 10mhz) and other than that, seems stable and might be on freq. So, I tried Ians latest 1.01 and LSB is correct, USB is correct, have control also, but freq is off about 400khz. So, found an EEPROM WIPE routine, says it works for all size eproms, and did the wipe. No luck. Still off, I re-loaded the original Ashhar software stil backwards. Thinking I would need to use memory manager but not sure I have the skills. Any ideas ? 

Mike Woods

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