Re: RadI2Cino boards temporarily sold out! #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

Hi Hank,
Was just getting ready to email you when this came in.  You are still in the queue for one with the SMD semiconductors installed.  I ran out of the 5 volt regulators because my last order from Mouser was delayed in shipping.  I ordered Friday but they didn't get it out till today.  UPS won't deliver it until around 5 p.m. tomorrow.  I have the last 5 boards in process and your's will be the next of them up when the SMD 7805's come in.  5 minute to solder it on and I may even be able to make the last pick up at the grocery store tomorrow night if you still want it.  

I'll let you know when it's done.  You can PayPal me the $45 now if you like or wait until I tell you it's finished.  Your choice on that though.

Jim - W0EB

PayPal address is w0eb@...

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Have you sent out email to the lucky ones? I haven't seen anything from you so assume I was too late.


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