uBITx For Sale

Glenn AE0Q <ae0q@...>

I just today received my uBITx (ordered on 19 Dec) but things have changed and I don't have time for the project.

I've collected some things I was going to use to build it, all is for sale.

uBITx  unopened except for photos   $109

Adafruit 10k Log pot (with 1/4" dia shaft) and 2 black knobs (blue stripe)  $5.00

SOTABeams CW DSP Audio Filter  $42

Beautiful aluminum enclosure (2.4" x 6.22" x 7.2" inside dimensions)  $20
See the ebay link for assembled photos of the box.

Photos of all attached.

Would like to sell all together but not necessary.

Glenn AE0Q

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