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Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...>

Yeah, that amount of damage speaks of a direct connection to me......I run two WINLINK servers 75-100 watts 365/7/24 around here and I have MULTIPLE other radios and Bitx40's and uBitx's --- ZERO damage to any of my gear in 2 years.   The inverted vee and sloping dipole share the same end-tree; one on ham bnds, one on federalfrquencies not that far....   

ZERO damage.   Now I have assiduously added backtoback diodes, etc (thus my earlier arguments for those!) but beyond that....just don't connect things together!

By the way, one of our local ARES members is a networking IT guy used to plugging a bunch of Ethernet cables into the same switch----and he did the SAME THING with one antenna and an ICom28 and some other 2 meter rig when I was setting him up on Packet as both a node and a client --- and I raced there to save his gear but astonishingly, it survived.   I have no idea why.  ​Just lucky I guess?   But it was NOT 100 w of HF into a high Q circuit with series elements......


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Subject: Re: [BITX20] Blown by nearby transceiver #bitx40help
He did say "no antenna connected"
though that is not quite the same as saying "nothing connected to the Bitx40 antenna port".
Perhaps he still had coax from Bitx40 into the tuner.
Then a fault in the tuner or perhaps a switch in the wrong position could have brought on this sort of damage.
That would be considerably less mysterious.

However, if there was no connection to the Bitx40 antenna port, this could still be due to strong near-fields somehow.
The fact that Pat only managed to take out Q13 is no reason to think that things could not get worse with 
different a physical placement and perhaps a poor match through the tuner from his Icom. 

Jerry, KE7ER

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 08:23 am, pat griffin wrote:

I think I am with Chris on this.  Early on, I fired up an Icom 735 a couple of feet away from the Bitx40 and it did indeed take out Q13 but left nary a mark.


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