Re: Bitx40 - receiver works great, but do not transmit #bitx40help

Ivan Ilyichev

I built a RF probe according to this schematics: . Also i was tortured my family with loud HALLO sound and i add simple CW mod - unbalancing diode mixer after T4 with 4k7 resistor to 5 connected to 5 volts of RADUINO.
At 50 ohm dummy load i measure 16.5 volts - as i calculated it means a little more than 5 watts. This is in factory position of RV136. In upper top position of RV136 a measured 17 volts that means 6 watts of power. It is nearly good.
R141 resistance is 10 ohm as needed.
Also i checked Q7 - Q9 transistors. Q7 - Q8 seems to be ok, but Q9 - not. Voltages of Q9 are: collector: 9.03 volts, base: 4.44 volts and emitter 4.51 volts. Seems to be a strange values, i guess i burn it out when connect DDS incorrect way. Tomorrow i try to buy new MMBT3904 transistors and change it.
Thank you all for answers, you helps me a lot.

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