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Jack, W8TEE

No, I was dead serious.

Suggesting that someone has to be crazy to use a plastic case for an xcvr is uncalled for. Much of my work is done with an eye to the ham (or potential ham) who has limited income for our hobby. (See my intro to the Forty-9er article, March, 2016, QST.) There are a lot of people who cannot afford a $50 Hammond aluminum case. There are others who don't have the tools to work with aluminum; even a $30 nibbling tool is out of reach. Some who choose a plastic case may do so for economic reasons, but it could also they want it as light as possible and, when working a SOTA location, they're not overly-concerned about stray RFI. It may be they just like the way a plastic case looks. The popularity of 3-D printed cases is an example. Indeed, we all have read about hams who have mounted their BITX in the plastic case it came in. Others have used cigar boxes. I used an acrylic case for the Forty-9er because I wanted the visitors at the next Field Day to see that a viable rig does not have to be complicated.

So, no, I don't think it was called for because there are a lot of viable reasons for not using a metal case and to imply that someone who does needs to wear a foil hat is uncalled for.

Jack, W8TEE

On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 07:27 am, Gordon Gibby wrote:

Hi Jack, I hope your response was in jest!

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Fashion a hat with any leftover [aluminum foil] scraps.

Uncalled for...

Jack, W8TEE

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