Re: uBITX woes, feeling disheartened. #ubitx


That is correct, you count the pins in a clockwise direction. From your last readings things looks haywire.
Please see the table I sent you by PM.

Also when you reply please edit the previous message to keep only the relevant part. It will be clear as to
who or what question you are replying to. If you don't and leave the whole message then the whole previous
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At 11-02-2018, you wrote:
I am putting black lead of vom on ground (black wire of the power connection and red lead of vom on the pin I am measuring. Is this correct? The square pin 1is [] ok you said go clockwise counting so the pin under pin1 is next pin to count. Than at bottom of that row cross over to next row at bottom and that should be next pin to start counting. Am I correct. I will try today again to measure voltage again. Thanks for your help. 73ís de AC8XZ

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