Re: wrong frequency after software change. #ubitx

Ian Lee

first. Congratulations on solving problem.

I have seen this problem very simple. And the correct answer to that question was Mike's answer.
The cause was the wrong eeprom value. ok?

I saw an important point in the questioner's question.
First question : "After uploading the software from Ian Lee I was really happy how it behaved but that didn't last.
I uploaded another version (unfortunately I don't remember which one)"
The important thing is "unfortunately I do not remember which one".
Because I have had this experience some times.
I have experienced a situation similar to the questioner several times a long time ago.
Especially, I experienced it more often when I connected several ICE (ice in circuit emulator), Downloader, etc. to one computer.

So I understood the questioner's situation. And I did not ask anymore about it anymore.
I just wanted the questioner's uBITX to come back to normal.
Of course I had my own guess.
'Perhaps the questioner uploaded uBITX firmware is not the firmware for uBITX?'

Anyway, I agreed with Mike and suggested two ways to restore the eeprom.He simply need to initialize the wrong eeprom.

I did not know about Arduino, but he had the ability to initialize eeprom on sketch, so he did a great job. he completely solved the problem himself.
And the issue of the lifetime of the eeprom was a very good debate a few days ago. please search.
And I like to talk about these issues. I want to have a discussion at any time.

In addition, most uBITX firmware protects the Calibration items used by the original source.
In particular, i was an in-depth dialogue with Ron about this and we agreed not to use the author's realms and extra realms. In this way, uBITX firmware is guaranteed to be compatible with each other.
So I guess the questioner uploaded firmware would not be uBITX firmware. Most of the uBITX firmware sources I've seen protect the 0 ~ 20 addresses with Master Calibration and BFO Calibration.

And I sincerely hope that many bugs will be found in my firmware.Please feel free to report any bugs you have found and any improvements you have made.
I have deployed 1.0 and the bugs reported so far are just one. It was that when IAMBIC key was selected, RX switch command of CAT protocol was not heard well.
It was corrected within an hour of reporting and soon changed to 1.01.

There are no bug reports since then. So I am lonely. When I have a bug report I feel that I am not alone.
Even from the beta testers who are with me, they are quiet nowadays.

All the history I editing codes are available in github.


2018-02-12 5:59 GMT+09:00 at91r40008 <yvon@...>:


it is just one of the Arduino examples.
Where is your software located/named?
73, Yvon NU6I

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

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