Re: WSJT-X with CEC Ver Firmware + Integerate USB Audio #ubitx

Ian Lee


You tested everything pretty fast.
1.02 is not in release yet and is working. But you can use it. 
i have made none critical bug fixes and performance improvements. 
Wsjtx-Portable is now in the starting phase. I would appreciate if you share a lot with the people around you.
It is compatible with most transceivers as well as uBITX, so anyone can use it.
Especially, it is good for QRP or SOTA.

I need a feed back now.
'I've found a bug!' And 'I'm not comfortable with it'. <-- i like it

Wsjtx-Portable has received some improvements. i plan to upgrade to Version 0.6 soon.

Thank you for your quick testing.


2018-02-11 15:58 GMT+09:00 Mitani Masaru <mitani.masaru@...>:

I tried USB Audio integration to ubitx.
Inbon,cheap USB Audio(about $1) and Arduino to USB Passpower HUB.
It's very good work for WSJT-X and CEC Firmware 1.02 ONLY USB 1 connector.

USB MIc connects Volume Yellow line(It's pre AF Amp,about Line Lebel).
Mic Line coupling 4.7μF capasitor,If Mic jack connect then Mic use else USB Audio sound in.

Thank you
JE4SMQ masa

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

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