Re: WSJT-X with CEC Ver Firmware + Integerate USB Audio #ubitx

Konstantinos Konstas

Hello Masa son,

Thanks for sharing your info.
Link for version CEC 1.02 please?

73 de Konstantinos, SV1ONW

On 11 February 2018 at 08:58, Mitani Masaru <mitani.masaru@...> wrote:
I tried USB Audio integration to ubitx.
Inbon,cheap USB Audio(about $1) and Arduino to USB Passpower HUB.
It's very good work for WSJT-X and CEC Firmware 1.02 ONLY USB 1 connector.

USB MIc connects Volume Yellow line(It's pre AF Amp,about Line Lebel).
Mic Line coupling 4.7μF capasitor,If Mic jack connect then Mic use else USB Audio sound in.

Thank you
JE4SMQ masa

73 de SV1ONW

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