wrong frequency after software change. #ubitx


Did any one experienced this problem?
After uploading the software from Ian Lee I was really happy how it behaved but that didn't last.
I uploaded another version (unfortunately I don't remember which one) I couldn't hear anything
except background noise and in transmit my SWR was over 8:1. I checked all my coax and
switches but still the same. So I connected another radio at my desk and it worked fine.
Finally I connected my scope and found out that the output frequency was way off.
On 7058 the output frequency is 4032
On 10101 the output frequency is 5770
On 21000 the output frequency is 12000
On 28000 the output frequency is 16050.

The frequencies are approximate as hey were measured with the scope (a TDS2024B).

Loading any other version of the software, even the original one, doesn't restore the rig
to the correct frequency. I know, I should have noted which firmware I was using but I

Any suggestions or clues?

Thanks and 73,

yvon NU6I

73, Yvon NU6I

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