Re: uBITX woes, feeling disheartened. #ubitx


Sorry all the voltages you mention are wrong!

Pin 5 & 8 MUST have 12v if your board is connected to power supply 12v. No 12v means RX will not work..

Pin no 1 (Square pad) can have 12v ONLY on TX.

I suspect that you are not measuring properly or counting the pins wrong... cant be this way off.


At 11-02-2018, you wrote:
ok now that I slept for 12 hours doing better. ok square pad # 12v---pin #3 no volts---pin5 no volts---pin8--0 volts----pin#9--no volts---pin#12---12 volts---pin #14 12 volts---pin #16--12 volts. hop that is correct. with PCB & Radunio unplugged measured connunity, connunity ok. checked k3 no voltage on any pins on receive. Thanks 73's de AC8XZ

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