Re: ubitx project

Andrés Moreno

The project is on the right track.
Everything is already in a metal box (cookie), it is already possible to transmit, getting about 12W in 40m. and approximately 7 in 20m. For the other bands I do not have antennas.
QSO's in 40m are relatively easy to do, depending on the propagation, but even with my precarious antenna I have been able to perform QSO's with EA8 and HB9, in addition to practically all EA. Keep in mind that I use a mic preamp that has some compression.
The front-end has changed, being governed by an arduino mega2560 pro and a 2.4 "touch screen.
It is possible to adjust the frequencies of BFO, IF, CW Tone and an offset if necessary for the VFO. For the Si5351 the calibration factor and the outputs can be adjusted.
As a disadvantage, this Arduino works at 16MHz and it seems that, together with the screen, it introduces some noise. Working now to eliminate it.
I just uploaded a small video showing all that:
or search for "ubitx EB7ME" on YouTube

Thank you very much Farhan for your great idea.


EB7ME  Andrés

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