Re: uBITX Firmware (CEC) 0.30 released (Test version). #ubitx

Ian Lee


I have been using my uBITX with no modification at all. 
I have not found yet a problem with the both settings. 
Maybe it's a bug I could not think of.

CW TX->RX Delay only sets the value so that it can be switched to RX when all CW transmissions are finished. Normally, it should be over 500.
And I have found a bug that is separate from this problem. The 'CW Start Delay' was not reflected in the new CW Key logic. so, the CW Start Delay value in version 1.01 does not affect CW key operation.
This will be corrected now and will be included in version 1.02.

Could you tell me more about the meaning of "extra" in your message?


2018-02-10 12:41 GMT+09:00 Jason Matonis via Groups.Io <kb2sdrjay@...>:

On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 06:22 pm, Ian Lee wrote:
CW Speed (5th Menu), - Currently set to 10wpm
CW TX-> RX Delay (5th Extra Menu), - I've tried 0 - 200 and it is every few dits or dahs, at 600 it was after every release.
CW Start Delay (6th Extra Menu) - 100 
CW KeyType (7th Extra Menu) - Iambic A

Best 73
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