Re: CAT Support uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.0 Release #ubitx

Ian Lee


Yes, that's right. I made various attempts to put a lot of features into a small space.
Any attempt was good. (ex:change method using strings, Applying new logic to display frequencies ...)
However, there were times when I did not see the effect. (ex : Merge menus - Put all the toggle menus functionality in one function, Put all the use encoder menus functionality in one function)
I was able to save a little bit of flash memory, but the code was quite complicated. So I erased those codes and recover before sources.
For CAT communication, i implemented only protocols that uBITX can use.


2018-02-08 7:11 GMT+09:00 Philip <philip.g7jur@...>:

Hi Max.
I think the firmware has left no room for memory's.

Philip Lock G7JUR

Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

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