Re: CAT Support uBITX Firmware CEC Version 1.0 Release #ubitx

Konstantinos Konstas

Thank's Ian, very good effort.
I am running v 0.35 today, but I will upgrade to v 1.0 later on tonight.
Cat interface for ,say FlDigi, is a very useful feature.
Quite happy and Manager assists a lot.

I will come back with more feedback.

73 de Konstantinos, SV1ONW

On 7 February 2018 at 16:27, Ian Lee <kd8cec@...> wrote:
I wanted to do a simple hardware modification, so I early to finished firmware develop.
also almost no space left for the programming, I am going to work on fixing bugs.
This version of the concept is an upgrade without hardware modifications. No hardware modifications are required to use this firmware.

1.Cat communication support. (fldigi, wsjtx, hamradio delux, rpi... more)
2.New Frequency Tune method (threshold applied)
3.Ham band applied (can change general mode)
   (you can select region and adjust ham band by uBITX Manager)
4.CW Keying Change (Ron's code)
5.Key ADC Range adjust by uBITX Manager
6.Split (just VFOA/VOFB)
7.Channel Memory (20 Channels, 10 Channel has Tag (Name) by uBITX Manager)
8.TX Control (Many countries are imposing sanctions on transmittable frequencies.)
   This feature allows uBITX to be used in most countries.
9.Dual VFO Dial lock
10.IF Shift
11.Built in memory keyer (Auto key, CW Text input by uBITX Manager)
    I put a lot of funny features but I could not introduce them.
    For example, Hold during automatic transmission, and the ability to transmit manually and automatically transmit again.
    The ability to select and schedule other text by turning the dial during automatic transmission. more...
12.CW Mode (Just set the BFO for CW)
and more...

If you are interested, please refer to the link below. I posted a brief introduction and installation instructions.
There is always a source in the github repository that I am working on.

Most of the features are easy to use, but we'll post them on our blogs and youtube for features that require clarification.

Farhan, who made a very good transceiver, software and playground, and Ron, who improved cw keying, And my best thanks are those who have provided advice, tests and ideas.
(Perhaps somebody is still looking for a bug in the firmware or a feature to add.)

I am going to do some interesting hardware modifications. I'll have to buy a resistor to add a switch.
i will introduce another version that comes with hardware modifications.
Best 73
KD8CEC / Ph.D ian lee
kd8cec@... (my blog)

73 de SV1ONW

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