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bill richardson

Doing some testing with my uBitx on 160m with a 160m LPF attached to the output. I’m seeing about 15 Watts out but the current draw is running very high at just over 3 amps. So not usable on 160m at the finals will blow I’m sure. The bias stays normal so it’s something else? I wonder what others are seeing?

Doing the same test on my Bitx40 on 160m I see about 10 Watts out and the current is about 1.5 amps and very usable.

Thanks Bill Ng1p

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I got the connector from Amazon

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What are you using to connect the filter to the antenna connector on the back of the rig

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Very smart.  External. Then you can change it to whatever band you want at any time. 

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This is what I did for my bitx40 for use on 80 and 160. Using the Qrp lab filters

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.. and QRP Labs have some very nice and inexpensive LPF kits which includes one for 160m :


Michael VE3WMB

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