Re: Diy oscilloscope #parts

Jerry Gaffke

That could work fine as a high impedance probe for use with an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer.
To use it with a DVM you will need to add a diode RF probe or similar at the output,
as what it sends out is an RF signal with the voltage 10x what it sees at the input (20dB).

The AD8307 based probes can be used directly for sniffing out low level RF if all you have is a DVM.

I haven't used any of those ebay probes, have no idea how well they work.

On Mon, Feb 5, 2018 at 09:51 pm, Joe Puma wrote:
I purchased this one. My radio tech manual shows test points up to 8v so I think this probe should cover it. The other one said 3v input max. 

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