W0EB/W2CTX Latest uBITX software release #ubitx

Jim Sheldon

This software is for the original uBITX Raduino with a standard (NOT the I2C) display.
The zip file contains a complete, illustrated manual in PDF format that contains
detailed instructions on implementing this version of the software.

We have totally restructured the menu to make it much easier to use.  The Nano's CPU cycle usage has been optimized for vastly better CW (a minor front panel wiring change is necessary to use this software).  Split is working (you do NOT have to be in transmit to change the transmitter's frequency) and though not available yet CAT is being worked on. Not promising CAT anytime soon but we're trying to implement it and keep CW working right.  (Not an easy task with a Nano but we want to keep from having to change out the Nano for some bigger card). Due to an easy programming trick, the keyer's dash paddle AND the Hand Key/external keyer connection has been moved to the same wire as the SSB PTT on the Raduino's digital connector (the orange wire).  This is possible since we don't normally use the CW key or paddles when in SSB mode and we don't use PTT when in CW mode.  The menu item CW:Key or CW:Pdl selects whether or not the line is used for the hand key or dash paddle.  This requires a minor wiring change and either a short adapter cable to be built for the hand key/external keyer or a separate hand key jack be added.  Either way it's an easy mod.  This change gives the analog A7 input back to the guys wanting it for an "S" meter or power/swr metering.  The blue wire (A6) remains as the dot input.  Since we don't have to select a specific threshold voltage on A6 for dot/dash/hand key and just determine key up or key down, the 2.2K and 10K resistors are no longer needed and the CW paddles work MUCH better. 

I posted the ubitx_V2_00R.zip file in the files section yesterday but there is so much stuff there that I'm posting the software again here to make it easier to locate for those who wish to use it.  Feedback is always appreciated and we hope you find the program useful. 
Jim Sheldon - W0EB and Ron Pfeiffer - W2CTX

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