Re: whistles in receive

John Backo

Back in the '50's, when I was still in high school,
console radios were being replaced by "portables"
and lots of them were available for the taking. I had
one which I took out of the wood and put on my desk,
a 9 or 10 tube job with all the SW frequencies. I think
it was an Emerson.

I stuck a long wire antenna out the window to a nearby
tree and listened all the time. When I was doing my homework
on October 4, 1957, I was listening to Radio Moscow when
they announced that Sputnik 1 had been launched.

I don't remember whether or not I finished my homework
that night. Hi.

I don't know whether or not any of those old console radios
are still available. I lost mine along the way. But it sure would
be nice to have one of those rigs again.

Ah, well; there is always Arduino...


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