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I didn't think anyone used code anymore...its all FT8...hi hi
Brian K9WIS

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One book at a time ... your “projects” book is all I can handle right now ... I’m hoping if I put it under my pillow, I’ll learn some code ;-)
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I know of a great book that can help you... :>)

Jack, W8TEE

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Subject: [BITX20] First Arduino sketch loaded

nobody laugh ... (ok, go ahead) ... I just loaded and modified my first sketch ... so changing out “world” and putting in my town isn’t much of a change, it’s something. Plus, I varied the count too ... woohoo!
before I plug the computer into the raduino, I’m going to get a much better handle on this stuff! But it’s very exciting to a pencil and paper guy!
72/73 de Chas ai4ot.

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